CBD for athletes: What can CBD do for your Golf Game?

There are few sports both as relaxing and rage inducing as golf. While one can enjoy the openness of the golf course, relaxing as one lines up the perfect swing, they can also find themselves enraged by poor aim or counterproductive winds. Despite such confliction, many people continue to enjoy the hobby. Whether hoping to improve their score, spend time outside, or even seeking to socially network and connect with fellow enthusiasts of the sport, people golf for a variety of reasons. Likewise, people make use of CBD for athletes. Cannabidiol, commonly abbreviated as CBD, is one of active ingredients in marijuana. Thanks to increasingly progressive legislation across the United States, medical and recreational use of marijuana and cannabis products in general is becoming increasingly accepted and commonplace. People use such products for a variety of reasons, from relaxation to coping with pain.

CBD for athletes

As a result of increased acceptance of CBD products, more people are using them in conjunction with other activities. Gone is the image of the loser stoner in his parent’s basement, replaced instead with cancer patients, laborers wanting to avoid a hangover, and, perhaps, golfers. PapaAndBarkley.com notes that “nothing can shake the confidence of amateur or pro golfers alike than the presence of pain in the wrists, back, or knees when taking a swing on that first par 4 on the course in Palm Springs. Golf is a game that requires upper and lower body strength to play consistently, but the repetitive nature of the game can lower performance and make it harder to get through all 18 holes.

Enter CBD, or cannabidiol, one of the active ingredients in Hemp and cannabis. CBD is gaining steam as a viable method for athletes to help recover after performing and as a means to combat aches and pains associated with their respective sports. For golfers, CBD can aid in sleep, reduce swelling in key areas of the body, and help to minimize sensations of pain so that they can get back on the course and play their best game.”

CBD oil for athletes

This means that the strain of exercise, such as that obtained from consistent rote movements similar to practice wings and a lot of walking, can benefit greatly from CBD use. For those who train and strain their bodies to ensure the perfect swing and best score possible, CBD supplements are a great way to ease the aches and pains of strenuous training without the annoying side effects of pain killers or reliance and dietary supplements. PapaAndBarkley.com notes that “As a means to avoid taking more opioids or traditional painkillers such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, CBD can provide pain relief and reduce inflammation throughout the body. One of the regular concerns of golfers is the injuries they develop due to the repetitive nature of the movements involved in playing the game. CBD can help mitigate physical wear and tear, while maintaining homeostasis in the body.” Put simply,

CBD supplements, particularly CBD edibles can help ease the pain of muscle strain that occurs during long golf outings or trainings. Granted, reducing pain in such a manner can be risky. This is because pain is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. If the pain numbed, you could risk further injury. That said, the reduced inflammation effect means your body will suffer less strain overall, so the two more or less balance each other. As with any drug treatment, recreational or otherwise, careful monitoring and testing is encouraged. Of course, it is also worth noting that CBD lacks the compounds that generate an actually cannabis high. Thus reducing the side-effects often associated with marijuana use.

CBD Supplements

The use of CBD supplements has gained ground in the golfing community. Golf Digest noted that “the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its banned substance list in 2018, the PGA Tour Anti-Doping organization does not list CBD as a prohibited substance for players. Its focus instead is on the illegality of THC. According to the Executive Director of the PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping Program, Andy Levinson, CBD has become a popular topic among PGA Tour players and his department has seen an increase of inquiries regarding its legality on the PGA Tour… CBD is sold and marketed as a supplement, which generally have very poor regulation when it comes to the U.S. and the FDA, Levinson said. The lack of regulation has led to issues in the marketplace. Products are often mislabeled or include very little CBD. Companies are able to make large claims with little supporting evidence.”

Not everyone who golf’s have such concerns as professional regulations for major tournaments. For the average golf game, cbd supplements and their ilk are likely perfectly acceptable. As that is the case, it is best to know how to use it responsibly. An important part of that is learning safe dosages. As Gold Digest explains, Be sure to scrutinize labels to find how much CBD is in each dose, not how much is in the entire container. The science to finding the right dose is primarily by personal trial. Start small with a single droplet or gummy that might contain five to 10 milligrams. It’s not unusual to work up to 30 to 50mg per dose or more. It is suggested to test the product for about a week to better evaluate its effectiveness.”

CBD Topicals

Trial and error can be problematic for determining dosage, so monitor yourself carefully. Since CBD supplements don’t replicate the full effects of cannabis, side effects for over dosing should be minimal. One aspect that affect dosage is the method they are absorbed by the body. Golf Digest notes that “There are many ways to use CBD. From gum to edibles to ointments, each has a different absorption path into your body, timeline of activation and longevity of effects. Choose a form based on your lifestyle and your budget.

This isn’t a cheap trend. Starting out, some of the more popular boxes of CBD candies are sold at around $50 for a box of 10 gummies of 20mg each. Or $5 per day, but a tincture of oil at 50mg per dose can easily get into triple digits. Be sure to read labels to understand what you’re paying for. Products with low-concentrations of CBD can have comparable prices to the purer stuff. Golf, much like many hobbies, can be as expensive or cheaply done as desired. Those who desire maximum benefits from CBD supplements should take the costs into account when budgeting their golf expenses. Once that’s done, picking the right supplement is a good next step.

Tiger Woods CBD Oil

CBD edibles tend to be the cheapest and most available method of ingesting. These can be purchased almost anywhere these days, even gas stations depending on the state in question. Generally the most affordable option for CBD for athletes. The largest downside to edibles is determining the proper dosage and dealing with the long release time. Edibles can take over half an hour to several hours to fully kick in, depending on a variety of factors. Personal fitness level and diet can affect how fast CDB edibles take effect, so preparation when using them is key. For a more localized result that avoids the bloodstream, topical are a great option. Golf Digest explains how “topicals interact only with the receptors in the outer layer of skin. The results are typically localized to the area of application.

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Topical CBD is purported to reduce inflammation and help treat arthritis. And some even use it for eczema, psoriasis or acne. The type of topical will affect how quickly it is absorbed into your skin. So be aware of the other ingredients in your CBD lotion, cream or salve. Those with higher concentrations of water spread easier and absorb faster (20 to 30 minutes). Ointments and balms with higher concentrations of oil absorb deeper and more slowly (30 to 45 minutes). CBD oils ingested via droppers are another option, and work similar in style to edibles.

For a more direct ingestion, vaping is the best option. Vaping allows CBD to enter the body in less than a minute. But it is worth noting that the vaping method is the least studied route of CBD. And thus the side-effects of long term use are not fully understood. The media has given vaping a lot of bad press, and there is a definite stigma attached to vaping. Ultimately, the preference for CBD supplement ingestion depends largely on personal taste and budget.

CBD for Golf

CBD is useful for reducing inflammation relaxation. Combined with the sport of golf, this can mean reduced strain on muscles from constant swinging, walking, and lugging around a golf bag. It can also mean a more relaxed game to prevent golf rage. Either way, the use of CBD for athletes supplements can help improve a golf game by making for a pain-free, stress-free golfing experience. Since CBD lacks the chemicals of cannabis to create a high. It is more widely available and allows the user to remain more focused. This means you can enjoy the sport without wanting to ride off to the nearest Taco Bell. However you decide to ingest the supplements. Careful trial and error will ensure the best results for a better, more relaxing golfing experience.