Tiger Woods CBD Oil: Is CBD a Golf game changer?

Review Of CBD And Its Benefits
Tiger Woods CBD Oil: We’ve all heard of CBD and THC. Our younger selves may be more associated with pot or marijuana. However, there is a distinction that needs to be explored upfront before you start applying creams and oils or taking edibles and vapor. THC is not CBD, and CBD is not THC. They are cousin chemicals that are derived from the cannabis plant. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are naturally present in the human body and in plants. They are mainly used by the body for whole-body balance. Think of the all of the chemical interactions and physical needs of the body. Cannabinoids naturally occurring in the brain help keep that physical and chemical balance in check. Cannabinoids naturally occurring in plants can be taken in by the body and the brain. These cannabinoids replace the ones in the brain and slightly alter how our body works. This is why we feel “high” when we smoke buds.

Tiger Woods CBD Oil

There are over 110 different cannabinoids in the bud. This whole leave smoke is dominantly comprised of THC and CBD, which is why they are almost solely used in every product. So how do CBD and THC differ in their interactions in the brain? Generally, there are few differences besides one big one. Both THC and CBD are used for pain and anxiety management. They can help calm the nerves and focus the mind. They can also help with sleep, stress, depression, and physical pains. However, THC causes that classic high while CBD does not. I’ll repeat that. CBD does not cause the high that is associated with THC. So, you can take CBD and with clarity of mind continue with your day uninterrupted.

Why Would Golf Need A Chill Pill?
Golf is already so silent and still. Why would you need to be calmer? The fact of the matter is that golf is a demanding sport requiring the utmost skill and focus. Any slight deviation from a movement or a form and your game is off, your goal is lost, and you’ve added strokes to the whole. The singular focus of this individual sport requires immense distraction not to mentally hyperventilate. Further, the smallest of pains, sores, or pulls can move a knee, elbow, shoulder, or wrist out of line just enough to slice your game into the woods or worse, the koi pond. So, it isn’t “why would golf need CBD.” It is more appropriate to say “why hasn’t it caught on sooner.” Instead, golfers should view Tiger Woods CBD oil as a tool similar to meditation, Icy Hot, Advil, or regular stretching. The benefits are there. You just need to understand what you need and how to choose the right method of application.

Prime Reasons Why CBD Could Benefit Your Golf Game

Do any of the following benefits seem attractive to you? There is probably more than one of the following on your list that you would love to see improved. We all could use these benefits in our daily lives and other sports lives.

Anxiety Relief
More than half of golf is a mental game. This means that any build-up of mental strain, stress, anxiety, or depression could significantly hamper your belief in your abilities. If you don’t think you can make a put, must likely you will miss it. CBD can help calm your mind.

Nausea Relief
Stress induced nausea can similarly cause a lack of confidence that will hamper your game from the swing to the decisions. CBD can help with the clarity needed to ensure that your game is as good as it needs to be. Don’t let cramps ruin your game.

Physical Pain Relief
Tightness in muscles from soar or pulled joints is hard to work through. Pain relievers only help but so much. CBD helps the process of focused pain relief and release of built up tension. Instead of tensing every time you take a stroke, you can ease through the soreness and fully feel free of the tightness and restrictions on the muscles.

Injury Recovery

Tiger Woods CBD Oil

The release of tension and tightness on the muscles at the joints, hips, or limbs allows the blood to flow more freely and the injury to heal. This is often attained through stretching, balms, and relaxing salt soaks. CBD is another tool in your weapons depository of ways to loosen up and heal up when you need to the most.

Mental Focus
Does your mind lose focus or lose direction? This could be because of a stress issue or even a distraction issue. Often physical or mental pains led to mental distractions on that pain instead of the golf game in front of you. Allowing your body to relax with an application of CBD will give you the freedom to focus on your grip, stroke, and follow through.

Sleep Improvement
Feeling a little tired in the morning? Sluggish? You could get through a few cups of coffee. You could chug a Red Bull or other energy drink. However, that is only working on the symptoms not the problem. The problem, instead, is the lack of or poor quality of sleep. CBD can help calm the mind and ease the tension at night allowing you to sleep deeper and longer.

Does The Form Of Delivery Matter?

Obviously, CBD can help your golf game. It isn’t going to improve your swing or cut a few strokes off your game. Instead, it gives you the freedom to be the best player you want to be without mental or physical distractions. The next step is to decide what form to take the CBD. Here are the main methods:

  • Topical
  • Sublingual
  • Edibles
  • Vape

If you have a pointed physical pain, then a cream balm or topical will target a specific spot. If you need something that is either a full-body relaxer or a mental calmer, then a sublingual, edible, or vape would be better. A sublingual is taken under the tongue. Edibles are eaten and vape is smoked. Each has their own uptake time and consistency in CBD/THC levels. Sublingual doses or tinctures are delivered almost immediately into the blood stream making them a fantastic choice. Edibles and vapes are effective as well. Regardless of the choice make sure that you have identified an adequate volume of CBD and dosage timing to maximize your results on the green.