CBD Products: How Golfers are enjoying CBD

With the relaxation on the ban on CBD products, the sports body still warns for extra caution on CBD compounds being ingested as THC and all marijuana, compounds remain banned substances.

Dark days for golfers come to an end
The good news is that in 2018, the World Anti- Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of substances banned for use in sports. This was received with great positivity and enthusiasm among athletes; especially golfers. Previously, golfers who took CBD as dietary supplements or for medicinal purposes had to stop intake long before a tournament commenced.

CBD and its effects on golfers

CBD short for cannabidiol is an extract from the cannabis family; others being hemp, marijuana, etc. Unlike other members of the cannabis plant family, CBD has very little or no trace of THC (the intoxicating compounds) which makes it very desirable.

How CBD has improved golf for golfers
CBD has proven to be very invaluable among golfers because of their great healing effects both on the physical health and the mental states. CBD products taken by golfers help them.

Helps golfers to Sleep and relax comfortably
Good sleep is very important for top performance, as it ensures the brain is well rested before a competition. Also, it helps athletes who suffer from insomnia to calm their nerves and rest their minds properly.

Relieves from Pains and aches

Reduces stress and Anxiety
There is usually a lot of anxiety felt by golfers before a competition, especially among ‘young’ golfers. CBD edibles with their long-acting effects can help reduce the anxieties through its positive interactions with the ECS (endocannabinoid system receptors) in the body.

The high demands and rigors of the game make golfers suffer a lot of bodily ailments or pains. The topical application of CBD products on the affected area can help to soothe the pains and aches. Also, CBD edibles like chocolates and mints can help to reduce the stiffening of the muscles.

Gets you to your game mood
There is nothing as important as getting yourself in the competitive mood, no matter the mood golfers find themselves before the start of their game. CBD in their system gives the much-needed boost to their mental state and helps them bring out their best acts; as it serves as a brain stimulant.

Hastens recovery of the Athlete

CBD products ingested as edibles or in any other forms can help golfers make quick recoveries from short term injuries and physical conditions. It also helps them to be in great shape for their next performance. By soothing aching parts of the body and combining effectively with the ECS receptors in the body to provide mental healing. Allows the golfer to be more flexible with their appetite .A golfer’s nutrition and diet are very important, especially during competitions. CBD compounds in the body are a great ‘appetite-reducer’ and help to keep them in better shapes and mental conditions. CBD compounds also help golfers keep their weight in check.

Bubba Watson might be the latest athlete to yet jump in the train of CBD users. When he claimed that using CBD oils was a “no-brainer” for him. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are other notable celebrity golfers that take CBD while competing in a golf tournament amongst others. (Mickelson is known to be suffering from psoriatic arthritis).